Taking up a job role without a proper understanding of what it entails is like going into a movie without checking out the reviews; or worse, going on a date without knowing who the person is. It could be such a waste of time and effort after putting yourself through an often long and challenging job application process.

At ReSource Pro, we believe talent selection is a two-way street. As well as the company needing to find out if you are right for them you must also assess if they are right for you. Before you proceed with your application, we encourage you to go through this interactive and fun job preview questionnaire. Put yourself in the shoes of a Service Delivery Assistant at ReSource Pro and see what it is like in a day in their life, the good and the challenges that they face each day. You can then decide if this is the right job and environment for you. Rest assured that response to the questionnaire is anonymous, because we see this as a great opportunity for you to get a clear understanding of the role and whether you would see yourself being happy and motivated, before you submit your application.

There are 10 scenarios in this questionnaire, no right or wrong answers. Just be true to yourself in answering. We will give you feedback on every scenario you have responded to, and then finally we will give you overall feedback about your fit for the role.

OK, let's get started.

Your Realistic Job Preview!